Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trent Miniatures French Revolution Austrian Gunners

My apologies for a long delay posting on some of my recent painting. I've been fairly busy since October, it being hunting season and me being a guide. On the up side, I've seen a ton of deer this year, but the downside is that the wargaming takes a bit of a backseat.

This small article is going to talk about the 28mm Trent Miniatures French Revolution range, and specifically their Austrian artillerists. (pack number AHA01). I ordered my figures from Northstar Miniatures in England. While the shipping overseas is a tad pricey, their selection and service can not be beat. I've been very impressed with all of my dealings with Northstar.

Six figures come in the pack, in a variety of poses. No two figures are the same, and there is little to no flash. Upon first glance the figures are very well cast, but a bit "chunky". I actually like the sturdy figures, and they'll mix nicely with Front Rank figures. I wouldn't try to mix them with Eureka's WFR range, though. The Trent figures have nicely raised details, making them a cinch to paint. The facial expressions do tend to have a certain amount of "character". But all in all these are very pleasing figures. My one complaint would be that there seems to be a slight lack of quality control. Some figures will have three buttons on the cuffs, and some just one or none. Also, the swords look a bit more like halfling swords than artillery crew swords. But, these are really minor complaints. I like the figures, and am looking forward to painting more Trent miniatures in the future. At about one GBP each, the price is right, and they go very nicely with my Front Rank 3lb gun (pictured). I'd give these figures a solid 8/10 rating, and look forward to seeing future releases from this company.

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy fall. Take care until next time.

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