Saturday, March 26, 2011

28mm Painted Napoleonic French Legere for Sale

Hey all. I'm changing theatres and scales for my collection. Rather than re-paint plumes and epaulets and change flags and re-base, I just decided to sell two units that won't transfer. They just don't fit the new OOB. The units are as follows;

French 2nd Legere, 24 figures with individually bases skirmishers, all others are four figure bases. The unit is composed of Victrix conversions and carries a GMB flag. Asking $100.00, which I think is well worth it.

French 3rd Hussars, 12 figures with figures on double and single stands, includes elite company. GMB flag. Asking $100.00

Please send any questions to:

Accept payment by PayPal only. Will deliver within 30 miles, otherwise US Flat rate postage. All others $12.50.

Thank You for looking.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Catching up after a long winter

Where do I start? This winter was one continuous series of obstacles at Sarge's household. Between constant illnesses (us, the kids, us again...), mechanical breakdowns and replacements and a winter from hell.... It seemed like normal life would never return again. I do believe that I was sick from October to February. It didn't stop me from working crazy overtime to pay for heating oil, though. I guess maybe the night shift is starting to take its toll.
So, as Spring approaches there is hope on the horizon. We're probably on our final oil purchase. It seems like the last cold may have left us behind, the flu and bronchitis are hopefully gone, and a new career may well be in the future, as well.
After three and a half years of working for the Maine Department of Corrections with no pay raise (including no Cost of Living, and more expensive benefits) and cruddy hours, combined with the dangers of an understaffed department and changes in the command structure, I've had it. The positive side of all of this is that an opportunity lays in the future. One that I can afford to take, given that the wife has also decided that she is ready for a change, and will return to work. The Veteran's Administration has decided that I qualify for a program that will help me establish my own business. So, that is just what I'm going to do.
Enter: Sarge's Battle Barn! The Sarge is going to have some help from the VA in establishing Sarge's Battle Barn, here in Jefferson, Maine, USA. My good friend Dean Emerson suggested the name, since I have a hay barn that will be converted to house the business, and we had been calling it my "Battle Barn" when we held several wargames in it previously.
Sarge's Battle Barn will be a complete military history store, and will likely open its doors around mid-June 2011. Stock will include; New and Used Military History Books, 20mm CP/TQD Miniatures, Militaria and Classic Toy Soldiers. I am still looking for a brand of 20mm buildings and die cast vehicles, as well as a paint line. Only about a third of the store will be dedicated to wargaming, as militaria and books will compose the other two-thirds.
I realize that most people will not be likely to visit rural Jefferson, Maine on a whim to shop at my store. So, I will be developing a complete web page to support the store. In addition I will be visiting local conventions and game days, as well as historic reenactments throughout New England.
Any suggestions on 20mm terrain and paints would be great. I may expand into other periods in 20mm, as well (other than WWII), and may also add other scales as I grow the business. Baby steps first, though. All suggestions are welcome.