Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MHWA October Game Day

This past Saturday (16 Oct 2010) the Maine Historical Wargamers Association had their October Game Day at the Winter Street Center in Bath Maine. I arrived slightly late, having worked the night before, and passed many happy gamers heading out to find a bite to eat for lunch. The game I ran was for the afternoon slot, and given my schedule, there was just no way I was gaming in the morning.

I did get to see a few of the morning games wrapping up, and there were some very nice games, indeed. The one that caught my particular interest was a marvelous looking 25mm King Phillip's War game, put on by Dave Soucy. The game was based on a historical battle here in Maine. Colonial New England houses, nestled in pines and being attacked by hostile Abenaki warriors always attract attention. The high quality of his models, and his knowledge of the period only adds to the attraction. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera, being chronically tired from the current work schedule, and I didn't get any photos of his game. The pictures I have here were taken by fellow MHWA member, and friend, Mike.

After the lunch break I ran a small scenario in 25mm using Too Fat Lardies' excellent Sharp Practice rules. The scenario was set in the Tyrol in 1809, using 25mm figures. A tiny force of Austrians had been detailed to hold a vital pass against a superior French/Italian force under the command of a very nasty Italian General, and the head of Prince Eugene's intelligence service. This despicable fellow had discovered the hideout locations of several Tyrolean rebel leaders. He has ordered the capture or execution of several key leaders, and is entering the Tyrol to supervise and finance the effort.

The handful of Grenz and Jaegers played by Eric H. fought hard to control the pass. They used every tool at their disposal, but just couldn't hold back the French tidal wave. The luck of the dice, Ed and Ed's (the Frog players) dice rolling, saves and tactics, and just simple numbers were a telling factor in the game. Attacking down the center of the valley, at one point, a group of Istrian Chasseurs came up with a nasty little tactic of their own. Their leader, a fellow named Captain Zlatke (A Balkan by birth), took hostage a young lass who was working on the family farm. He made her advance at the head of his chasseurs, in the face of Austrian rifle fire and canister from a light gun. The poor girl was shot down beside a chasseur that had her at bayonet point when a whiff of shot felled them both.

At the end of the game, as French columns were advancing through the pass, a small band from the 9th Jagers were defending an old cellar hole against waves of French attackers. This tiny force repelled attack after attack from Hussars and Istrian Chasseurs. Unfortunately, their efforts were in vain, as the Banal Grenz to their right were simply too few to hold back the French Legere Regiment that was forcing the pass.

A great time seemed to be had by all. The flea market and ticket auctions appeared to do pretty well. A case of Foundry 25mm World War I figures somehow managed to hitch a ride home with me, along with an agreement to likely pick up the rest of Chris' collection in the future. I enjoyed the camaraderie of the event, and look forward to the next game day in February.

The Maine Historical Wargamer's Association holds two Game Days a year in addition to our annual convention, Huzzah!, which is held in May.

The following link will take you to our Huzzah! site.

I have been doing a bit of painting lately, so look forward to a couple of reviews in the very near future.

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