Sunday, May 30, 2010

Figure Review, 40mm Trident American Revolution Range

To fill the gap while I work on Victrix French 28mm Grenadiers for the next post in the Fuentes De Onoro project, here I'll review one of my favorite figure ranges. This range is the 40mm American Revolution line from Trident Designs. Doug Carrocio of Miniature Service Center has teamed up with an amazing sculptor to produce what proves to be one of the most intriguing figure ranges on the market.

You can view this range at;

Doug is a great guy to work with and he is very helpful if you aren't quite sure if you are buying the right figure for a unit. A few times I have chatted with Doug about a uniform question, and he has picked a book out of his collection to find me an answer. This is what customer service used to be before we all became too busy to be personable. It has been a while since I've talked to Doug and placed an order. Truthfully, I'm feeling guilty about it. With his new Hessian Jaegers out, maybe I'll need to give him a call.

Anyway, these figures are nicely detailed metal figures. Features such as separate heads on many, removable hands, weapons packs, and equipment packs make these figures very easy to configure to your own specific needs. The team has also come up with many unique figures, not found in other manufacturers' ranges. One of the most unique poses in my own collection is a beautiful Continental Grenadier in a mitre cap. Yep, you bet. And you thought you only saw those in Don Troiani's books!

So far I have added Riflemen, British Line, Continental Line Grenadiers, Militia, Butlers' Rangers, British Grenadiers, British Light Infantry and a few Indians to my collection. I am looking forward to adding a unit or two of French and Spanish to the mix. I will definitely be adding a number of Hessian units to my collection to build the Brunswick force for Burgoyne's campaign of 1777.

In my opinion, these are the perfect figures to use for Too Fat Lardies' Sharp Practice rules if you want to play this game during the American War of Independence. These are figures that are intended for a skirmish level game. For rules like British Grenadier I would still use 15mm or 28mm figures.

Trident figures are a great value for the level of sculpting in these 40mm soldiers, and they are highly recommended!


  1. Love the Indian, he looks great.

  2. Lovely figures. I don't think my painting is good enough for something that large. My painting style is probably best served at 15mm or smaller. Great job.

  3. Chris, Thank you for becoming a member. I'm very excited to have you. Also, thanks for the nice comments. I just posted a reply to your Wargaming Worldwide discussion on favorite camapigns for the AWI. Welcome to my page! I hope that future postings on this blog will help us to share great ideas.