Saturday, March 26, 2011

28mm Painted Napoleonic French Legere for Sale

Hey all. I'm changing theatres and scales for my collection. Rather than re-paint plumes and epaulets and change flags and re-base, I just decided to sell two units that won't transfer. They just don't fit the new OOB. The units are as follows;

French 2nd Legere, 24 figures with individually bases skirmishers, all others are four figure bases. The unit is composed of Victrix conversions and carries a GMB flag. Asking $100.00, which I think is well worth it.

French 3rd Hussars, 12 figures with figures on double and single stands, includes elite company. GMB flag. Asking $100.00

Please send any questions to:

Accept payment by PayPal only. Will deliver within 30 miles, otherwise US Flat rate postage. All others $12.50.

Thank You for looking.


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  1. Those Hussars are excellent. Very striking in their red coats.